KHSS-484 Click for model

Item No.: KHSS-484

Mixture screw kit for original Keihin carburetor.

  • GL 1500C, SC34
  • GL 1500C, SC41
  • CBR 1000, SC24
  • CBR 1000F, SC24
  • CBR 900RR, SC28
  • VF 750C, RC43
  • VF 750CD, RC43
  • VFR 750F, RC36
  • CB 600F, PC36
  • CBR 600F2, PC25
  • CBR 600F3, PC25
  • CBR 600F4, PC35
  • CBR 600SJR, PC25
Type motorcycle Honda

☑ Check always the jet size.
☑ Clean always the total fuel system and fuel tank.
☑ Replace always the complete float valve and seat, not only the float valve.
☑ Check always your delivery address.

  • Keyster kit Nr. KHSS-484
  • OEM screw Nr. 16016-MAS-670
  • OEM screw Nr. 16016-MV9-730