XRV 750 RD07 Year '93-'95

Item No.: KH-1476

☑ Check always the jet size.
☑ Clean always the total fuel system and fuel tank.
☑ Replace always the complete float valve and seat, not only the float valve.
☑ Check always your delivery address.

Repairkit for both carburators.

HONDA XRV 750 African Twin RD07, Year 1993 > 1995
For original Keihin carburators from Keyster carburator parts.

Main jet: 1 x #118
Keyster=KHM-110118, OEM=99101-GHB-1180

Main jet: 1 x #120
Keyster=KHM-110120, OEM=99101-GHB-1220

Slow jet : 2 x #40
Keyster=KHS-22B040, OEM=99103-MT20400

Chamber gasket  :
2 x Keyster= K145, OEM=16163-MZ5-929

Float valve set:
2 x Keyster=KVN-16N00, OEM=16155-413-751

Mixture screw set :
2 x Keyster=KHSS-484, OEM=16016-MV1-630

10 x O-ring:

2 x funnel gasket:
Keyster=K147, OEM=16010-MAY-000

2 x Drain screw:
Keyster=F-130, OEM=16015-MV1-000
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