CB 750 SF sevenfifty RC42

Item No.: K-996HK
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☑ Check always the jet size.
☑ Clean always the total fuel system and fuel tank.
☑ Replace always the complete float valve and seat, not only the float valve.
☑ Check always your delivery address.

For original Keihin carburetor from Keyster carburetor parts.
Other models:

CB 750 Nighthawk year '91-'01
CB 700SC Nighthawk year '84-'85
CB 650SC Nighthawk RC03 year '83-'85
CBX 650E RC13

  • float valve
    - Keyster = KVN-16N00
    - OEM 16155-413-751 
  • chamber gasket
    - Keyster = K-25
    - OEM = 16010-MA6-305
  • O-rings (see image)