XRV 750 RD07 Year '93-'95

Item No.: KH-1389

Herstelset voor 2 carburatoren

HONDA XRV 750 African Twin RD07, Year 1993 > 1995
For original Keihin carburator from Keyster carburator parts.


Check allways the jet size.
Clean allways the total fuel system and fuel tank.
Replace allways the complete floatvalve and seat, not only the floatvalve.

Main jet: 1 x #118
Keyster=KHM-110118, OEM=99101-GHB-1180

Main jet: 1 x #120
Keyster=KHM-110120, OEM=99101-GHB-1220

Slow jet : 2 x #40
Keyster=KHS-22B040, OEM=99103-MT20400

Chamber gasket  :
2 x Keyster= K145, OEM=16163-MZ5-929

Float valve set:
2 x Keyster=KVN-16N00, OEM=16155-413-751

Mixture screw set :
2 x Keyster=KHSS-484, OEM=16016-MV1-630

10 x O-ring:

2 x funnel gasket:
Keyster=K147, OEM=16010-MAY-000

2 x Drain screw:
Keyster=F-130, OEM=16015-MV1-000