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VF 750 F/S/C RC07 RC09 RC15

Item No.: K-975EK

☑ Check always the jet size.
☑ Clean always the total fuel system and fuel tank.
☑ Replace always the complete float valve and seat, not only the float valve.

VF750F/S/C RC07 RC09 RC15
for original Keihin-carburetor from Keyster carburetor parts 
  • economy kit
  • float valve set
    - Keyster = KHV-17024
    - OEM = 16011-MB1-671
  • chamber gasket
    Keyster = NTMOR-007G
    OEM new = 16010-MG9-691
    OEM old = 16010-MG9-004
  • various O-rings (see picture)