JIS Screwdriver kit

Item No.: MEGA900

Kit of 3 screwdrivers J.I.S. ( Japanese Industrial Standard )

Made in Japan.


Check allways the jet size.
Clean allways the total fuel system and fuel tank.
Replace allways the complete floatvalve and seat, not only the floatvalve.

Article numbers

Megadora 900

  • P.1 x 75   mm JIS
  • P.2 x 100 mm JIS
  • P.2 x 150 mm JIS
  • Japanese standards for crosshead screws and bolts often applied to Japanese motorcycles and cars from 1960 till appr. 1995.
  • A typical PHILLIPS ( PH ) screwdriver has slightly thicker flanks with rounded corners and a different contact angle.
  • Making the contact surface approximately 15% smaller than with the right JIS screwdriver.