Needle jet RD500, N-8, NJM14Q

Item No.: NJM14Q

☑ Check always the jet size.
☑ Clean always the total fuel system and fuel tank.
☑ Replace always the complete float valve and seat, not only the float valve.
☑ Check always your delivery address.

Needle jet 475 N-8 for original Mikuni carburetor.

  • Keyster = NJM14Q / (475 N-8) 

Attention! See "Additional information"

There are different statements and opinions regarding the needle jets.
according to the original Yamaha data sheet:

Year '84 = 47X00 = 475 O-0 main jet #195
Year '85 = 1GE00 = 475 N-8 main jet #165


According to the original microfiche, there are different ones on the front and back...?
the majority, if you do some research, have 4 identical needle jets in them, but without guarantee.
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